Friday, November 18, 2011

Configuring Replication

Steps to configure replication

1.       Configuring distributor
2.       Configuring publisher
3.       Creating publication of required type
4.       Creating subscription(s)
Step1:   Configuring distributor and publisher
a.       Take three instances
b.      Go to second instance à Right click on Replication à Configure Distribution…
c.       Next à Select ‘SERVER2’ will act as its own distributor;  
d.      Next
f.        Next
g.       Next
h.      Uncheck the check box present at Server2 à Add
j.        Select instance Server1
k.       Next
l.        Enter strong password. (Automatically one login is created in distributor with the name Distributor_Admin)
m.    Next
n.      Next
o.      Finish
1.       Go to distributor à Databases à Find the new database “Distribution”
2.       Go to Security à Logins à Find a new login “Distributor_admin”
3.       Go to Server Objects à Linked servers à Find new linked server “repl_distributor”
4.       Right Click on Replication à Select distributor Properties..
·         Transactions stored in distribution database are removed after 72 hrs and agents history is removed after 48 hrs.
·         To view snapshot folder path à Click on publishers à click on browse button (…) present to right side of publisher name.
·         Go to SQL Server Agent à Jobs à Find 6 new jobs are created automatically.

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