Saturday, April 9, 2011

Log Shipping Observations


1. Go to primary server --> SQL Server agent --> Jobs -->    View the backup job with the name  
2. If no monitor server check 2 alerts are created in    Alerts folder.

    Log shipping Primary Server Alert
    Log shipping Secondary Server Alert

3. In Secondary server verify that 2 jobs are created
    * Copy
    * Restore

4. All the above (B,C,R) jobs uses "sqllogship.exe" file.
5. Alert job calls the following SP


6. sqlmaint.exe is responsible for updating backup, copy       and restore information in the monitor     
    server/p/s servers.

7. Linked Servers are created in primary and secondary       server related to monitor as

8. .tuf file in the secondary server copy folder indicates    currently restoring file.

9. The following SPs are used to configure Log Shipping


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